Our vision

Improving our experience of nature; sustainable promotion of nature for both animals and humans in Europe, through afforestation and conservation as well as the protection of nature in close cooperation with foresters and forest districts.

Make a piece of nature come alive. Bring the children from their rooms and back into the forest,
away from the game consoles and cell phones!

Is there anything nicer than directly experiencing nature?
Can’t we all remember it?

To keep the memories alive, you walk on small paths and are constantly rediscovering the forests along the way, past streams and rivers, listening to insects and animals.

Afforestation and conservation are our topics

We want to get involved in Europe in order to preserve forests and create something as an oasis for the local population or as a site of relaxation; a vacation or natural resort.

At the same time, we want to give local people the opportunity to take part in this campaign in order to support and look after the forestry activities.

In the long term, we also imagine setting up nature discovery trails to bring children and young people closer to nature; both flora and fauna. Children and adolescents should also be able to see the forests online: live forest cams could be set up to view nature from afar and remind us off what we’re missing.

We invite you to swim in the forest; go for a walk, take a deep breath and pause for a moment.
Let us follow together the cycle of nature life = trees – forests – water – animals and plants.
Enjoy the power of being and resting in the forest with CFC Tree & Forest Foundation where nature can still be nature. The natural cycle takes its course.

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The Foundation

Thorsten Schuell

Raw materials have always determined my life!

With over 30 years of experience in the capital markets and the fact that I have lived in over 10 countries, I am probably an exception to what you can call the lived experience.

I have lived in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine and, last but not least, I am familiar with the customs in the USA. Today I live between tree worlds – the United States, UK and Bulgaria

When I was in my early 20s, I laid the foundation for my job as a commodity and foreign exchange trader at what was then a subsidiary of ABN AMRO BANK – MeesPierson Ltd. London. I still follow this passion to this day and actively trade with my own money on the raw material markets.

I have never traded in wood and I will never see this valuable living resource as a commodity!

Tony and I not only share the THOUGHT of sustainability in that we both want to give something back, but much more, the vision that we should give the children and adolescents of this world a place where they, like us at the time, can experience nature and learn about it. This fact, and the fact that we not only create a place of joy and experience, but also give something back to our earth makes me hope that we can contribute towards putting it back on the right path. CO2 reduction led me to set up this foundation, with Harald as managing director and the driving force.

Another topic for me is the question, what do my companies actually do with the money they earn? Where should these profits go? I myself can only eat 3 times a day, drive a car, live in an apartment and maybe treat myself to a bottle or two of wine. Despite the many successes in my life, it is more important than ever to me today not to put my personal enrichment in the foreground but to do something with the money and create something that helps us all.

That’s why I like to talk to Tony about how to benefit everyone, whether as a private individual, entrepreneur or executive, and so we chose to work on this project together. The ultimate aim is to create a forest on every continent / region in the world with the appropriate fauna that fits the area, so that everyone can experience how beautiful it is in NATURE. Personally, I am very fond of memories of my time as a child romping in the forest in every season.

A project was created in Europe, for the world of today as well as tomorrow.

Thorsten Schuell

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Anthony O’Tierney

As a child, I loved the landscape and forests around Dublin.

I’m a lecturer at the University of Leicester’s School of Business, where I’ve worked for over six years.

Academically, my research focuses on topics related to mortgage finance and legal identity, though I have taught many modules across accounting, finance and economics. In recent years this teaching has focused mainly on the structure and functions of financial markets.

This has shown me that markets can’t adequately value nature if it is seen as only a resource to be exploited. Rather, we must see ourselves as stewards of the natural world, as much as of the human spaces we carve out of it. By protecting forests, we ensure that future generations can enjoy them, while we feel that those who wish to support these objectives should have opportunities to participate and be recognised for their contribution.

We formed the Foundation to give shape to these ideals and help everyone to value and enjoy forests more fully.

— Anthony O’Tierney

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New Member

As an investor, I take responsibility. It is time not only to invest but to ensure a better climate in the long term. CFC Foundation offers me an ideal platform where ideas are not only addressed but consistently implemented.

As an investor, I take responsibility. It is time not only to invest but to ensure a better climate in the long term. CFC Foundation offers me an ideal platform where ideas are not only addressed but consistently implemented.

I was looking for a way not only to invest green but to use my time in a meaningful way for society.
Through personal contact with Mr. Schuell I was able to join this initiative as a “member” and will be available to the Foundation as a trustee.
My job will be to coordinate all forest areas of the CFC Foundation in Germany and the neighboring EU countries. This great and exciting task is a welcome challenge to my “private investor” life.

However, I am particularly looking forward to the many interesting people I have already met through Mr. Schuell. We are all private investors and have now come together through the CFC Foundation and want to protect and reforest Europe’s forests and invite everyone to find a new focus for your leisure time.
For companies and businesses, this new idea of ​​CFC CO2 certificates is a great opportunity not only to make your contribution to environmental protection, but also to protect a piece of Europe’s forests.

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